Sunday, October 18, 2009

10 Tips to Earn Coins and Level Up in Farmville

(originally posted by Mitchell Carrington)

Admit it, you’ve played FarmVille. Heck, you’re probably just as addicted to it as I am. I feel I’ve accomplished a lot on my farm and I’d like to share my 10 FarmVille tips with you! Happy Farming!

1. Invite your friends to be your neighbors. This will help you unlock ribbons (which gives you some extra cash and XP) and allows you to unlock additional farm sizes.

2. Send gifts to your FarmVille friends as much as you can. They will appreciate it and return the favor. When a friend send you a gift, keep it in your gifts box. The more unique gifts you can get, the more ribbons you will unlock.

3. Try to focus on using seeds. Seeds are cheap and are currently much easier to mass produce than trees and animals.

4. Buy seeds according to the amount of time you play. If you play all day, buy seeds like raspberries, as they are ready to harvest in 2 hours. If you only play once a day look into seeds that take a day (or more) to grow.

5. Buy the tractor when you have the required level and money. Not only does it save time, it gives you a large amount of XP which helped me gain 2 levels in 2 minutes!

6. Check out the ribbons (achievements) you can earn, as these will earn you money and XP if you achieve them. The early ribbons have small rewards, but as you advance towards the blue ribbon the rewards become more hefty.

7. When are able to buy a larger property, buy it. This will help you with mass production, which is what you want to succeed as a farmer in FarmVille.

8. Set a timer to remind you when your crops will be ready to harvest. Last thing you want is to open FarmVille and find all your raspberries withered. This can turn into a big deal if you have a huge farm full of withered crops.

9. Unless you are trying to achieve ribbons, try not to buy many decorations or buildings, these cost money and take up valuable space! Sell them once you get your achievement, that way you get spare coins and more free space for crops.

10. Place everything you own as close together as possible; leave no empty space on your lot! You can never plow all of your land, there is always that little spot that will stay unplowed. Fill it with trees and animals, this way every inch of your land is making you money!

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