Saturday, October 24, 2009

Greenwich Pizza Making Camp

Last Thursday, October 22, many of the faculty members of WMSU-ILHS went to Greenwich in Mindpro to attend the workshop on making pizzas. All of us were very excited to do our pizzas. We had even kept on talking about the activity even before we went to the destination. Because of the excitement, some of us were busy taking pictures in the establishment, so we will have something to cherish about the experience. Before we did our own pizzas, the Greenwich crew started the workshop with a rebus game, which kept the teachers so alive because everybody was so eager to give the correct answer. After this, we were oriented with the proper way of washing hands, and we were also led to the cooking place. Then, we were already given the ingredients and materials for our pizza and later the instructions on how to make a simple pizza. After placing all the toppings, we placed our individual pizzas to the oven. After 3 minutes, the newly-made and fresh-from-the-oven pizza was ready to eat. Ms. Edita Chan exclaimed, "This is really a wonderful experience." Prizes and freebies had been given before the end of the session. Everybody went home with a smile.


  1. wow.blogger pla c sir.haha.x))

    ryan labastida.

  2. wow nice i also experience it heheh when we are in grade 4 heheh nice article...

  3. nice exp nuh.i tried it many times in my grandmothers house

    Angelo F. Arquiza